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Jacob Garchik, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger, was born in San Francisco and has lived in New York since 1994. At home in a wide variety of styles and musical roles, he has become a vital part of NYC’s downtown and Brooklyn scene, playing trombone with the Lee Konitz Nonet, Ohad Talmor/Steve Swallow Sextet, The Four Bags, Slavic Soul Party, and the John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble. In 2012 he released the acclaimed solo CD “The Heavens: the Atheist Gospel Trombone Album”.

Since 2006 Jacob has contributed dozens of arrangements and transcriptions for the Kronos Quartet of music from all over the world. His arrangements were featured on “Floodplain” (2009) and “Rainbow” (2010). He composed the score for Kronos for the documentary film “The Campaign” (2013) about the fight for marriage equality in California, which aired on PBS and at the frameline37 film festival in San Francisco.
Complete list of arrangements for Kronos

As a trombonist Jacob has worked with many of the luminaries of the avant-garde, including Henry Threadgill, Laurie Anderson, Anthony Braxton, Anthony Coleman, Joe Maneri, Frank London, James Tenney, Josh Roseman, Don Byron, Terry Reilly, George Lewis, and Billy Martin. He has also played in ensembles led by rising artists such as Mary Halvorson, Dan Weiss, Miguel Zenon, and Steve Lehman. In 2013 he was named a “Rising Star” in the Downbeat Magazine Jazz Critic’s Poll.

Jacob also plays accordion, bass trombone, tuba, computer, and piano.

playing trombone unless noted

Jacob Garchik: Ye Olde : Yestereve Records 2015 (trombone, tenor horn, alto horn)
Jacob Garchik : The Heavens: The Atheist Gospel Trombone Album : Yestereve Records 2012 (trombone, baritone horn, alto horn, slide trumpet, sousaphone)
Jacob Garchik : At Play : Yestereve Records 2010
Jacob Garchik : Romance : Yestereve Records 2008
Jacob Garchik : Abstracts : Yestereve Records 2005

Mary Halvorson Octet : Away With You : Firehouse 12 Records 2016
Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society : Real Enemies New Amsterdam 2016
Dan Weiss : 16 : Drummers Suite : Pi Recordings 2016 (trombone, tuba)
Michael Formanek Ensemble Kolossus : The Distance : ECM 2016
Banda de los Muertos : Barbes Records 2015
Atlantic Brass Quintet : Crossover : Summit Records 2014
Matt Pavolka: The Horns Band Fresh Sound 2014
Kronos Quartet: A Thousand Thoughts : Nonesuch 2014 (arranger)
Dan Weiss : 14 : Pi Recordings 2014 (trombone, tuba)
JC Sanford Orchestra : Views from the Inside : Whirlwind Recordings 2014 (accordion)
Angelique Kidjo with the Kronos Quartet : Eve : 429 Records 2014 (arranger)
Van-Anh Vanessa Vo with the Kronos Quartet : Three-Mountain Pass : Innova 2013 (arranger)
Joel Harrison 19 : Infinite Possibility : Sunnyside 2013
Anthony Braxton : Two Compositions (Orchestra) : New Braxton House 2013
Mary Halvorson Septet : Illusionary Sea : Firehouse 12 Records 2013
Jacob Varmus : Terminal Stillness : Crows’ Kin 2013 (accordion)
Asuka Kakatani Jazz Orchestra : Bloom : Nineteen-Eight Records 2013
Jon Irabagon : Unhinged : Irabbagast Records 2012 (slide trumpet)
40Twenty : Yeah Yeah records 2012 (trombone, composer)
Stew : Making It : TNP 2012 (tuba)
Elena Moon Park : Rabbit Days and Dumplings: 2012 (trombone, tuba, arranger)
George Lewis : Les Excersices Spirituels : Tzadik 2011
The Four Bags : Forth : NCM East 2011 (accordion)
Hazmat Modine : Cicada : Barbes Records 2011 (arranger)
Tilt Brass Band : To TILT: Volume One : Original Music for TILT Brass : Nonsite Records : 2011 (bass trombone)
Vinnie Sperrazza & Matt Blostein Group : Paraphrase : 2011
Wu Man with the Kronos Quartet : Immeasurable Light : Traditional Crossroads 2010 (arranger)
Kronos Quartet with Alim Qasimov : Rainbow – Music of Central Asia, Vol. 8 : Smithsonian Folkways 2010 (arranger)
Justin Mullens & The Delphian Jazz Orchestra : Tales of Pan and Eyes of Argus : Fresh Sounds New Talent 2009
Slavic Soul Party : Taketron : Barbes Records 2009 (trombone, tenor horn, arranger and composer)
John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble : Eternal Interlude : Sunnyside Records 2009 (trombone, tenor horn)
Jentsch Group Large : Cycles Suite : Fleur De Son 2009
Kronos Quartet :
Floodplain : Nonesuch Records, 2009 (arranger)
Anthony Coleman : Lapidation : New World Records 2007
Slavic Soul Party! : Teknochek Collision : Barbes Records 2007 (trombone and tenor horn)
Jentsch Group Large : Brooklyn Suite : Fleur De Son 2007
The Four Bags Live at Barbes : NCM East 2006 (accordion)
Dan Weiss Trio : Now Yes When : Toap Music 2006
Lee Konitz New Nonet : Omnitone 2006
Anthony Coleman : Pushy Blueness : Tzadik 2006
Billy Martin : Starlings : Tzadik 2006
4inObjects : 4inObjects : Yeah Yeah Records 2006
Frank London’s Klezmer Brass All Stars : Carnival Conspiracy : Piranha Records : 2005 (trombone and tenor horn)
Slavic Soul Party! : Bigger : Barbes Records 2005 (trombone and tenor horn)
Matt Glassmeyer Marching Band : web only, free download! : 2005
Jeff Silverbush : Grandma Mickey : 2005
John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble : A Blessing : Omnitone Records 2005
Steve Swallow/Ohad Talmor Sextet : L’Histoire du Clochard : The Bum’s Tale : Palmetto Records 2004
the Morpholinos : [For Background Use Only] : NCM East 2003
Justin Mullens & The Delphian Jazz Orchestra : Fresh Sounds New Talent 2003

I betcha didn’t know I was on
En Este Camino : Pistolera : 2008 (Alto horn, trombone)
Taller Than Jesus : Jewmongous : Big Sean Music – Chow Fun Records 2008 (trumpet, trombone) – I sound thrilling on trumpet on “My Pact with Satan”
The Black Sea : Keep on Diggin’ KLM 004 2007
Amy Kohn : I’m In Crinoline Amymusic/NuNoise 2006
Paul Anka: Rock Swings – Live in Montréal : PBS special and DVD 2005
Andrew Thompson : Egad 2005 Lewis Recordings (trombone and tuba)
Andrew Thompson :There Must Be Some Kind of Misunderstanding (12 inch single!) 2005 Lewis Recordings (trombone and tuba)
What I Like About Jew : Unorthodox 2005 (trombone and trumpet)
Isle of Klezbos: Greetings from the Isle of Klezbos : Rhythm Media Records 2003
Movie soundtrack by Peter Herbert Was das Zeug haelt a documentary on visual artist Tone Fink, by Robert Polak : 1998
Carol Lipnik : My Life as a Singing Mermaid : 1999
Manhattan School Of Music Jazz Orchestra : Live at Montreux 1997 : Sea Breeze
San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra : Mahler Symphony No. 5 and 10th Anniversary Season Commemorative CDs 1995 and 1992 featuring me on principal trombone at age 15 playing Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony

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