Ye Olde
Imagine a 2015 cover of the soundtrack to a 1970’s remake of a 1930’s movie about the Middle Ages.
with Jonathan Goldberger, Mary Halvorson, Brandon Seabrook, guitars; Vinnie Sperrazza, drums; Jacob Garchik, trombone

The Heavens: The Atheist Gospel Trombone Choir

The Four Bags: Combining the vibrancy of modern jazz and popular music with the sophistication of a classical chamber group. Trombone (Brian Drye), Accordion (Jacob Garchik), Guitar (Sean Moran) and Woodwinds (Mike McGinnis).

Jacob Garchik Trio: Jacob Garchik, trombone; Jacob Sacks, piano; Dan Weiss, drums

Banda de los Muertos: Brooklyn’s premiere Mexican brass band

  • Jacob Garchik*miles voice* Why'd you put me next to this Celtic harp motherfucker? ,
  • Jacob GarchikCool shit backstage at the Vanguard. ,
  • Jacob GarchikBefore gig at the Vanguard, ate a falafel without getting any on my white shirt. Today I became a professional musician.,
  • Jacob GarchikReady Player One is a rare Spielberg movie without John Williams.,
  • Jacob GarchikTonight is your last chance to see Mary Halvorson’s Octet at !,

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