Featuring Thomas Morgan, bass; Sam Newsome, soprano sax joining his long-running trio with Jacob Sacks, piano and Dan Weiss, drums

Available May 13, 2022 from Yestereve Records

Acclaimed for creating concept albums that riff on gospel (The Heavens:The Atheist Gospel Trombone Album, 2012), heavy metal (Ye Olde, 2015), and rhythm section-less big bands (Clear Line, 20 20), Jacob Garchik (#1 Rising Star trombonist, 2018 Downbeat Critics Poll) releases his jazziest album yet, still imbued with his sense of experimentalism and surprise.

Release Date: May 13, 2022

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In February 2021, in the brutal isolation of the pre-vaccine pandemic, Garchik felt the frustration of so many musicians, unable to perform or jam with his peers in almost a year. He brought together a stellar quintet to record small group jazz in a studio with enough isolation booths to record simultaneously. This initial assembly, playing blues and standards with no heads, created a swinging jam session atmosphere – to the musicians it felt more than a little cathartic. For the next 3 months Garchik used these recordings for another type of assemblycutting, pasting, transcribing, composing, reordering and reworking. The band met for a second time in May to record Garchik’s original compositions and collages based on, and sometimes overlaid atop, their own playing.

The record is an exploration of the paradoxes that every jazz musician deals with: how to pursue innovation while remaining connected with the music of the past that they love. In addition to playing trombone with everyone from the Lee Konitz Nonet to Mary Halvorson’s septet to Henry Threadgill’s brass ensemble, Garchik has worked with the Kronos Quartet creating over 100 arrangements of music from all over the world. But before that he was a Bird- and J.J.-obsessed teenager. Garchik, Dan Weiss and Jacob Sacks met in 1995 as students at Manhattan School of Music where bop was the meat and potatoes of daily study for years. Although they went on to play music that combined free playing and classical composition on Garchik’s albums Abstracts (2005) and Romance (2008), their interplay always had a commonality in their deep love of classic jazz. 

Garchik reveres the past but isn’t afraid to dispense with formality. The process of making the record was less like a classic jazz album of the late 50s and more like a rock record of the late 60s. “I was always puzzled by the typical jazz recording process.” he says, “Even in experimental jazz, most of the time the studio is used to record a kind of idealized snapshot of a performance – people present complete takes, rarely overdub, and use the studio to clean up performances rather than radically alter them.”  Assembly doesn’t resemble a performance; it is undoubtedly a studio creation. 

Jacob Garchik: trombone 
Sam Newsome: soprano saxophone 
Jacob Sacks: piano 
Thomas Morgan: bass 
Dan Weiss: drums 

All music composed by Jacob Garchik 
Recorded Feb 12 and May 23, 2021 by Marc Urselli at EastSide Sound, NYC 
Mixed by Marc Urselli at EastSide Sound 
Mastered by Alex DeTurk at The Bunker Studio 
Design by Bodie Chewning with color assist by Janelle Miau 
Thank you to David Breskin, Chelsea Hadley and The Shifting Foundation 
Copyright 2022 Hogoe Publishing (ASCAP) 
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