Clear Line

From trombonist and composer JACOB GARCHIK comes CLEAR LINE, a startling new take on the venerable big band. Featuring the pure sounds of 13 horns with no rhythm section, CLEAR LINE spotlights Garchik’s compositions for an all-star band of young players from a variety of musical backgrounds.

Release Date: July 28, 2020

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Clear Line is:
Jacob Garchik, composer, conductor; Nathan Eklund, Jonathan Finlayson, Adam O’Farrill, Davy Lazar, trumpets; Natalie Cressman, Kalia Vandever, Kalun Leung, trombones; Jennifer Wharton, bass trombone; Roman Filiu, Charlotte Greve, alto saxophones; Anna Webber, Kevin Sun, tenor saxophones; Carl Maraghi, baritone saxophone

1 Visualization of Interior Spaces
2 Ligne Claire
3 Stacked Volumes
4 Sixth Intro
5 Sixth
6 Hergé: Vision and Blindness
7 Moebius and Mucha
8 Line Drawings of Paul Rudolph
9 Clear Line

Clear Line is a meditation on the “Ligne Claire” style of drawing, pioneered by Tintin creator Hergé, in which cartoonish characters are depicted against a realistic background, drawn with strong lines and solid colors. Through nine parts Garchik explores intersections and antecedents in architecture, graphic novels, and fine art. Hergé’s strikingly geometric and realistic scenery remains etched in Garchik’s brain since childhood, even as Tintin is filled with incredibly problematic colonialist depictions of Native Americans and Africans.

Garchik’s recent obsession with architecture has led to a new way of imagining. Every building he sees makes him picture, in his mind’s eye, the three dimensional shape of each floor (i.e. Visualization of Interior Spaces), in a way that echoes Hergé’s line drawings of 1930s living rooms. “Clear Line” serves as an audio analogy to graphic artists’ and architects’ translation of 3d space to 2d drawings. Motives reoccur through the nine parts, like seeing a panel of a graphic novel that reminds one of a familiar building.

all music composed by Jacob Garchik
recorded Sep 9-10, 2018 by Nolan Thies at The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn
mixed by Marc Urselli at East Side Sound
mastered by Alex de Turk at The Bunker Studio
Design by Bodie Chewning
Thank you to David Breskin, Chelsea Hadley and The Shifting Foundation
copyright 2020 Hogoe Publishing (ASCAP)
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